Schedule for Online Only Memphis Peace and Harmony Days

Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche will lead all 3 sessions


Monday - Wednesday

5:00-6:30 PM

Refuge and Arousing Bodhichitta (3X)

Seven Line Supplication to Padmasambhava (7X)

Vajra Guru Mantra (108X)

Prayer to Guru Rinpoche to Clear Obstacles on the Path (7X)

The Meditation and Recitation of the Six Syllable Avalokiteshvara written by Mipham Rinpoche Visualization of Avalokiteshvara
Extended recitation of the mantra of compassion: OM MANI PADME HUM

Heart Sutra

Prayer for All Peoples of This Earth and Dedication of Merit


The focus of these sessions is compassion. With the increasing spread of the covid-19 virus in the USA and the rising death counts, we must gather our compassion and courage, and practice from the depths of our hearts.
Compassion as form is visualizing Avalokiteshvara who is compassion manifesting in the form of a bodhisattva.
Compassion as speech is the recitation of the mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM, which is compassion manifesting as sound (speech).
Compassion as mind is each of us generating compassion during the session.

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Scheduled Zoom meeting for September 21-23, 2020

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